Deluxe Detail

  • Premium Hand Wash
  • Vacuum interior of Vehicle​
  • Clean Wheels and Condition Tires
  • ​Clean all Glass

  • The Polished Wash
  • Polish Paint work to give High Gloss
  • Interior Steam Cleaning and Shampoo
  • Condition Leather
  • Clean Wheels Wells and Condition
  • Condition all Trim and Plastic

Polished Image

The Polished Wash

  • Hand Wash & Vacuum
  • Sealant Applied
  • Interior Spruce up with Interior Protectant 


  • ​Deluxe Detail
  • Paint Correction to Remove 90% of Defects in Paint Work
  • Paint Coating to Protect Paint Work from Life 
  • Interior Coating to Protect From Stains
  • Coating of Wheels 
  • Coating Of Glass